Hello! I’m Karen, your wedding photographer in the north of Scotland

Congratulations on your wedding plans! This is such an exciting time for you both! On your wedding day, you want to feel like a million dollars and look stunning in the photographs without spending heaps of time in front of the camera. You’re not a showy person and the thought of being the centre of attention might feel a little bit alien to you! You don’t want those dark and moody pictures or cringe-worthy tacky shots, right? You want bright, beautiful, natural-looking images to proudly display in your home, so you can look back on this incredible day of your life, exactly as you remember it. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the north of Scotland who’ll capture the very essence of your special day, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Capturing the essence of your wedding with beautiful, natural images

Every wedding is unique. I’m here to tell the story of your day with gorgeous, natural images that capture the very essence of your wedding and your relationship. I want the photographs to be true to life, showcasing the entire gamut of emotions that you’re going to feel and all the little details which you’ll have painstakingly planned over the months. I’ll mostly be in the background with a big lens on my camera and an even bigger smile on my face, but I’ll step in and organise things when needed, like gathering guests for group photos, or giving you some guidance for the couple shots so that you look perfect.

Feel comfortable around your wedding photographer

I think you’ll only feel awkward around the camera if you don’t know the person behind it, or if they’re asking you to do something that doesn’t align with who you are. As your photographer, I’ll build up a relationship with you before your wedding. I’m excited about getting to know you and hearing all about your plans! I’m an easy-going married female thirty-something; we’re bound to ‘click’ right away and it’s all going to feel very natural and comfortable. Building up a friendship not only makes my job really enjoyable; more importantly, it’ll put you at ease in front of the camera. As a result, all the pre-wedding stress will be a distant memory and you can just relax and be yourself… and look fabulous in the pictures!

“Thank you so, so much! Everything about this whole process has been easy peasy thanks to yourself, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the pictures!”

Bride and groom standing on grass in front of cliffs, captured by a wedding photographer in Scotland

Some random facts about me!

Seeing as I have the privilege in sharing the most special day of your life (and hearing your embarrassing stories during the speeches!), it’s only fair that I open up and share a little of myself too! So, here are a few random facts about me!

I’m overly sentimental…

Nostalgia has been a life-long affliction for me! I love anything that transports me back to the ’80s and ’90s, whether it’s childhood photo albums (which I’m currently scanning… it’s a massive undertaking!), hearing the Spice Girls on the radio, or stumbling across ‘The Crystal Maze’ on the Challenge channel!

My secret superpower…

I’m an absolute perfectionist. I remember when I was collecting ‘autographs’ when leaving primary school for the final time and my teacher wrote, “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.” This has been my motto ever since. I used to see perfectionism as a curse but nowadays I like to think of it as my superpower!

Wedding photographer Karen Thorburn with a camera in the woods in Scotland, in front of a white car and grey caravan

My fantasy dinner party…

Lisa Simpson, Barack Obama and John Lennon would be at my fantasy dinner party. Hopefully they’d enjoy my signature dish, macaroni cheese! By the way, my two secret ingredients are English mustard and paprika (now no longer a secret!). If only I didn’t get so stressed being the host!

My ‘Friends’ addiction…

Leaving home at 18 was hard for me and I didn’t fully adapt until my mid-twenties. My ‘Friends’ boxset was my survival tool during university and beyond! Everyone has a favourite ‘Friends’ episode and mine is ‘The One Where Ross Got High’. I’ve seen it dozens of times and it still cracks me up!

My inner child…

I’m a big kid at heart. My husband and I can’t walk past an empty play park without me going on the swings and embarrassing him! Even better if the play park has a commando slide (or zipwire or flying fox… what is it actually called?!). Anyway, here’s the evidence!

Woman smiling and wearing a purple jacket and trousers on a zipwire in a play park with trees in the background

My hobbies…

What do I do when I’m not eating macaroni cheese and watching the Challenge channel?! I love coastal walks, bike rides in the countryside, getting out and about in the Highlands and Islands with my wee touring caravan, and indulging in some landscape photography. I live with my husband Mark and our two guinea pigs, Angus and Woody. Although life is already pretty hectic, we’re hoping to expand our family to include some hens!

Every wedding is special…

I’m an introvert and so I crave time alone to de-stress and nurture my creativity. On the flip side, I also love the buzz of a good wedding! As a wedding photographer, I get to combine my passion for building relationships with my love of Scotland. I used to be a project manager, stuck behind a desk in a stuffy office for forty-odd hours a week, eating too many biscuits. As a result, I genuinely love what I do nowadays and I never take it for granted. I still work hard and put in long hours, but the job satisfaction is huge! It’ll be a privilege to witness such a huge milestone in your life and, of course, I’ll consider it an honour to be trusted to capture your wedding photographs.

Wedding photographer Karen Thorburn smiling and holding a quaich and standing between a bride and groom on a boat in Scotland

One last thing…

Whoever you choose as your wedding photographer for your big day in the north of Scotland, whether it’s me or somebody else, remember this. They’re going to be around you all day, on the most important day of your life. Of course you need to get a great vibe from them! You’re not buying toothpaste or booking your boiler service. These are your wedding photos we’re talking about! Honestly, this is one of those key purchases in life. Don’t go for the cheapest deal or ask a family friend to take the photos because they’re into photography. This is an investment. You’re going to have these images for life. You do not want your wedding to be tainted. Book the right photographer for YOU.


“The pictures are beautiful! We really cannot thank you enough for all of your help; seriously above and beyond a wedding photographer.”


Bride and groom kissing in front of a ruin surrounded by grass and flowers, captured by a wedding photographer in Scotland

Not quite ready to jump on the phone? That’s okay! Let’s start planning your wedding photography anyway. Click the link below and I’ll tell you everything you need to know. Let’s kick off with talking more about my style of photography, then I’ll lead you through my portfolio, frequently asked questions and photography packages.


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