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Congratulations on your engagement and thank you so much for considering me as your wedding photographer! Whether you’re looking for someone to capture your entire day in a documentary style, or you’re happy to be posed naturally for some of your couple shots, I’d love to work with you! Sit back and let me guide you through my approach before I take you through my portfolio, frequently asked questions and photography packages.

Bride and groom on grass above a Scottish loch, captured by a documentary wedding photographer

“We had our first look at the pictures tonight on the big screen and we were totally blown away with them!!! Thanks again for capturing our memories so well.”


Worried about looking and feeling awkward?

Bride and groom laughing during their church wedding ceremony, captured by a documentary wedding photographer

My clients are often worried about feeling uneasy in front of the camera and – worse still! – LOOKING awkward in their wedding photos. It’s bad enough that you’re going to be the centre of attention for an entire day without having a camera-wielding stranger in your face from the moment you roll out of bed, right?

You’re looking forward to feeling like a million dollars in your dream dress and marrying the love of your life but, at the back of your mind, you know you’re going to feel a little uncomfortable with all that make-up on, trying not to trip up in your new shoes, and having to hit the dance floor with all those pair of eyes watching you!

The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious during your photo shoot, hiking your dress up to reveal a garter, or striking a weird, moody pose with a veil draped over your face. I hear you!

What’s my secret? Read on…

Candid wedding photography

Documentary wedding photograph of a bride laughing as she dances with her groom, as wedding guests look on with mobile phones

I think it’s essential that we break the ice and make a connection BEFORE the big day. A friendly chat over a cup of coffee is all it takes! It makes such a difference to the photos! By the time the wedding day rolls around, you’ll find yourself smiling at me and not cringing in front of my camera.

I invest a lot of time in the morning preparations to help put you at ease with my camera snapping away, and you won’t even notice it by the time the ceremony kicks off. I’m smiley, cheerful and chatty (without being annoying) and this will help you to relax. Also (sorry guys), I think it helps that I’m female, particularly when boobs pop out when the dress is going on, or – true story – the bride shaves her armpits AFTER getting into the wedding gown…! Nothing fazes me. I’ve seen it all before and I know how to be discreet during these moments.

When it comes to your photo shoot, I’ll give you some direction so that the photos will be flattering, but I’ll do this in a way that doesn’t feel overly posed or kills the spontaneity! I want to capture real moments for you to look back on in years to come. Don’t worry, I don’t like moody, cheesy or overly staged pictures either. You can just be yourself around me and I’ll capture the story of your wedding day without you feeling self-conscious!

Beautiful Details

Buttons on the back of a white wedding dress with blue bokeh fairy lights, taken by a documentary wedding photographer

As well as capturing all the emotions, I’ll make the time to photograph all your wee details! The guys tend not to ‘get’ this but I know how much planning has gone into your dress, shoes, flowers, table settings etc. I got married in 2017 and remember obsessing about the details from the rings to the cake topper and the napkins! These things need to be photographed!

Every wedding is unique

Bride and groom kiss in front of a boathouse as their dog looks up at them, captured by a documentary wedding photographer

I typically start the day with the preparations in the morning and shoot through to the first few dances in the evening, but I’m very flexible and am happy to offer a customised service if you’re planning something a bit different, or don’t need a full day’s coverage. After all, every wedding is unique!

I offer a range of photography packages but I appreciate that everyone’s wedding plans are different and so I would be delighted to prepare a bespoke photography package for you, if needed.

Future family heirlooms

Choosing a wedding photographer is a huge decision, isn’t it? This is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make! You’re going to cherish these memories for life and the pictures will eventually become family heirlooms, treasured by future generations.

I’m hugely passionate about my job as a documentary wedding photographer and would LOVE to capture those special memories for you and your families.

Groom crouching down to kiss his young daughter, captured by a documentary wedding photographer

What next? I’d love to show you a lot more examples of my documentary wedding photography style! Please click the link below to browse my portfolio.

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