Out of thousands of wedding photographs, I’ve selected a few favourites here and have presented them in a series of mini galleries, roughly in the order of a traditional wedding, from getting ready in the morning through to the first few dances at night. If you want a break from tradition then fear not… scroll to the foot of the page!

There are a lot of images on this page so please bear with me if it takes a few moments to load!

The Dress & Shoes

  • White wedding dress hanging from a chandelier in a room with a four poster bed with a blue throw, cream curtains and a tartan carpet.
  • Blue and white ribbon tied in a bow around a plastic blue forget-me-not on a white lace wedding garter.
  • Silk buttons on the back of a white wedding dress with a blue bokeh background.
  • Sparkly pink trainers on a speckled white and pink rock surrounded by yellow dandelions and green vegetation with the sea in the background.
  • White bridal shoes with silk ribbon bows, hanging from a grey plant pot with pink flowers.
  • A flower girl's peach and cream dress hanging from a white bed frame with the bride's veil draped over it, and the child's peach sandals on a navy carpet.
  • A long white wedding dress hanging over a grey door frame with the bride's white pointed shoes on the floor.
  • White bridal shoes with large crystals on them, hanging from the end of a decorative wooden bed with two white bedside lamps.
  • White wedding dress hanging from an antique wardrobe with bridal shoes on the floor, in a room with large windows, an armchair and sofa.
  • A white bridal dress and three lilac bridesmaids dresses hanging from a wooden antique wardrobe sitting on a wooden floor.
  • Cream bridal shoes on a shelf in front of a blue vase containing blue flowers and yellow sunflowers.
  • A long white wedding dress, seen from the back, hanging on a white door frame in a hallway with green walls, white paneling and a cream carpet.
  • A white patterned wedding dress on a twisted wire hanger, hanging from a curtain rail between cream and green curtains.

Getting Ready

  • A bride wearing a dark dress and pearl necklace, looking into a mirror and smiling whilst applying mascara to her eyelashes.
  • A pair of hands fastening the white buttons on the back of a white lace and silk wedding dress.
  • A flower girl with a fringe and white dress having lipstick applied by a female make up artist.
  • A female hairdresser wearing glasses and a black and white striped t-shirt attaching white flowers and beads to a woman's long curly blonde hair.
  • A bride with brown hair in a bun having white baby's breath flowers placed in her hair by a hairdresser wearing a black top with a red hem.
  • A woman wearing a blue blouse looking into a mirror while having hairspray applied to her blonde hair by a hairdresser in a black t-shirt and pink hair.
  • Daisy Love pale pink perfume bottle  with a large plastic flower top, on the arm of a brown sofa with blue and cream striped cushions.
  • A woman with blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a silk flowery dressing gown, holding a smiling baby boy dressed in blue striped pyjamas.
  • A white clutch bag with cubic zirconia on one side and a smooth finish on the other side, placed on a white wedding veil in front of a bridal dress.
  • Hugo Boss pink perfume bottle with black writing, placed in front of sheet music.
  • A bride in a long white dress standing beside her father in a dark tartan kilt, in a bedroom with a tall lamp, striped carpet and grey walls.
  • A bride in white pyjamas drinking champagne while having her hair styled by a female hairdresser in a room with a desk, lamp and large painting.
  • A bride in a white dress smiling while styling her hair with curlers next to a bridesmaid having flowers put in her hair by another bridesmaid.


Brides & Bridesmaids

Grooms & Groomsmen

The Ceremony


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A Break from Tradition!

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